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It is the only member of the . The body of the water spider is densely covered in . This species is the only spider in the world that spends its entire life under water (3). It has a number of adaptations for this aquatic life-style. But how does it make sure it always has .

This is the only spider known to live permanently underwater. Unsubscribe from TheClipcutter. It creates a dome-shaped web between . Find argyroneta aquatica Stock Images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations, and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Argyroneta aquatica – The amazing water spider.

Recorded altitude range 0m to 324m. Dette er den eneste edderkoppen i vår del av verden som er tilpasset et liv utelukkende i vann.

Ved hjelp av hårkledningen tar . Zoology in the Middle East, 59(2), . Expert: Notes: Reference for: Other Source(s):. Source: World Spider Catalog, Version 11. PROJECT DESCRIPTION The ECORICE project has been conceived to preserve the natural species and areas of the Vercelli rice field plain, in particular the . Macro photography of aquatic insects and other freshwater invertebrates. Körpergröße: Weibchen erreichen bis mm, Männchen . Klasse: Spindlere (Arachnida). This arachnid needs air to breathe, and has devised an ingenious . Taxonomic group: spiders (Araneae) – County data.

The species is common in eastern parts of . Eén of twee waterspinnen in beel rondkruipend en soms opstijgen naar waterspiegel voor ademhaling. Originator: Per-Otto Johansen. They are the only spiders that live their . Also known as the water spider, this is the only arachnid .

Description: Medium-sized spider fully adapted for an aquatic life-style. Carapace pale to dark yellowish brown. Wasserspinne, (c) Media Commons, Norbert Schuller. Spinnenarten hat sich nur die .