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Extremely popular for the beautiful foliage texture this lends to the garden. Plants form a mound of rounde velvety soft olive-green leaves, which catch and hold . A very popular choice for the lovely foliage and texture this adds to the border. Alchemilla Mollis is a beautiful perennial herbaceous plant that is. Forming a mound of rounde velvety soft olive-green leaves, which catch and . All plants were commercially available at .

Very popular in floral displays! Green to bright chartreuse flowers appear in clusters above scallope grey- green foliage from late spring through summer. Features Forms clumps of pleate light green leaves which are soft and hairy with scalloped and serrated margins. Autumn Slaughter is my term for cutting back the herbaceous foliage once it has gone over – usually done . Absolutely enchanting after the morning dew, the fuzzy leaves of A. USDA PLANTS Symbol: ALMOU. Nativity: Exotic Habit: Shrub or Subshrub.

Soft green foliage with rounded lobed leaves and tiny yellow star-shaped flowers.

Water droplets collect on foliage, creating a . AELTC head gardener Martyn Falconer nominates his flower of the day. An old-fashioned flower still popular today. Thriller blooms more prolifically, . To download an image please click on the thumbnail. Please click here for guidance on using the NNSS web . The following is a representative barcode sequence, the centroid of all available sequences for this species. Aqueous methanol extracts of A. Lush mounds of dark green leaves that repel droplets of water.

The species is a critically endangered on the . This is a great border filler. Class : Perennial Hardiness Degree : -10°F Blooming Season : Summer – Early Fall Plant Hab. The bright green foliage and spreading habit of this perennial makes it ideal for ground cover. Tiny balls of bright, chartreuse yellow flowers are.

An abundant self-seeder, it is . Clumps of soft green, round leaves with large, lacy sprays of tiny . Good to know – excellent ground cover.