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He found the inspiration for this mobile side-table after observing a cheerleading practise . Yeh Wall Table is designed by Taiwan-based designer, Kenyon Yeh. Kenyoh Yeh took his inspiration from a cheerleader practice, where you sit. He designed the minimalist Yeh Wall table that features only two feet instead of . Yeh was inspired by watching people in sitting positions with their backs resting against a wall and their legs uniformly placed on the ground.

Instead of just a sliver of . Sometimes inspiration is found in the unlikeliest of places. Taiwanese designer Kenyon Yeh was walking to his studio . Free shipping on orders $or more and guaranteed low prices. The additional support comes from the table edge that has been turned upward at degrees . Wanting to create a minimal and low-footprint table , designer Kenyon Yeh created this table that leans directly against the wall (no hardware required). Designed by Kenyon Yeh , the Yeh table is a minimalist design with clean lines, standing on only two legs.

To compensate the two missing legs, a part of the thin.

Kenyon Yeh found the inspiration to this mobile side- table after observing a cheerleading practise at a neighbouring school in his hometown. An interior accessories of the special kind is the Yeh Wall side table by Menu. The table designed by Kenyon Yeh has not four legs but can be placed against . Colors — Light Grey, White, Black Materials — Power-coated steel Dimensions —Low — 15. The subtle use of colour and simple structure of the Yeh table make it a . The girl was standing on his thighs. And so the table was born, a functional design that can be used as a side- table.

This side table is made from a circle with one side folded up to lean against the wall and two . Low table – powder coated steel. Needless to say that it was a real challenge to find a bedside table that would fit. I recently bought the Yeh wall table designed by Kenyon Yeh . Even better, it simply leans against the wall so is super easy to move around.

Crafted from powder-coated steel, the two-legged Yeh Table takes a stable, degree stance against the wall to hold magazines, vases, or a cup of coffee while. Buy now and get FREE UK MAINLAND DELIVERY. Yeh low wall table by Menu, in powder coated steel.

It exists in a variety of colours.

It is original because of its only two legs. Decoration and contemporary . From Danish design house Menu, in collaboration with designer Kenyon Yeh , this minimalist design is both functional and innovative. Material, powdercoated steel. Menu – Yeh Wall table – Tall.

Ideal for modern ambients or narrow spaces.